Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fixed Departure Treks 2014

Dear Travelers and Tourism Friends! Welcome to Karakorum and Hindukush “the kingdom of Pakistan. We are pleased to inform you that Hunza Adventure Tours Pakistan offers fixed departures dates for adventure lovers! Considering the customer’s convenience and budget, we are pleased to introduce fixed departures for the given trekking itineraries. While we guarantee all fixed departures with as small a number as two persons, we restrict the maximum trekking group size to ten persons, traveling together from one destination to another, in order to facilitate personalized services and attention. Hunza Adventure Tours Pakistan can develop the customized trekking/tour programs to suit your dates and interests. Should you require any assistance in this regard, please contact us. This website contains just the highlights of the HATP suggested adventure and cultural tour programs. Our HATP representatives shall deliver to you the detailed itineraries of these suggested programs. However, you can consult us directly for further information concerning tour/trekking.


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