Friday, September 9, 2016

Hunza Valley Autumn Tour 2017

 Hunza valley is the prime attraction for tourists, as the spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains is overwhelming. A view of Tupopdan peak, Shisper peak, kuroon peak and Gulmit Tower from various points of Hunza valley makes it unique. The valley is known for its delicious fruit, terraced fields and longevity of local people and also for its changing colours in various seasons. The spring turns the valley to white, pink, red and purple. Summer is green with colorful flowers while autumn is the most colorful as the whole region wraps in yellow, red and orange. You may have witnessed the colours of autumn throughout the world but you will not see a beautiful mountain like Tupopdan behind the colorful trees and valleys. The autumn in Hunza valley is magnificent and an unforgettable experience. It is the best time for exploring the beautiful Hunza valley.

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